Thanks for all the Memories!

Weddings and Events Business
CLOSING after 25 years of service

I wish you all the best with a bittersweet goodbye to my Wedding and Event Photography.
I have really enjoyed capturing all your precious moments. I truly hope you also will be able to relive and enjoy your images for generations.
My husband and I have decided to move to Florida and to adventure around in our RV a lot more than we have been able to in past years.

What's Next?

Every story these days starts with “Then in 2020”. . .
Our priorities changed as did my business finances so we changed our direction and goals.
We bought a 2022 Alliance Valor 40V13 Toy Hauler. My husband has converted the garage into his office, as he works remotely. After a trial run, we officially moved to Florida in December and are ready to give this lifestyle a try.
I will be chronicling our RV Life through Adventuring Vagabonds. Right now, it is just an Instagram page but I have plans to add a YouTube channel as well as a full website! More to come soon!!

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